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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Advertisement for Position of District Community Development Officer

Advertisement for Position of District Community Development Officer

BESIK, an acronym for Timor-Leste Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Program (RWSSP) is funded by the Government of Australia through AusAID to provide assistance to the Government of the Democratic Republic of Timor Leste for the development of rural water supply and environmental health activities in Timor-Leste. The Managing Contractor for BESIK is IDSS.

BESIK is recruiting a potential Timorese national candidate for the position of District Community Development Officer (DCDO) for Manatuto. Female candidates are encouraged to apply.


Position: District Community Development Officer (DCDO)

Reports to: BESIK Community Development Advisor

Duration: Three months, with possible extension

Location: Based in District Manatuto with frequent travels to field locations in the district, and to other districts and Dili when needed.

1. Scope of Position :

The BESIK District Community Development Officer (DCDO) will work with District SAS Manager, District Facilitator (DF) and support Sub-District Facilitators (SDF) to assist with the implementation of RWASH activities in their district. Under the supervision and guidance of the Community Development Advisor and guidance from the Engineering Advisers, the DCDO will supervise BESIK contractors and partners at District level.

The DCDO will work under the supervision of the Community Development Advisor (CDA) and the National Community Development Officers (NCDO) to strengthen the skills and implementation capacity of SAS, NGO’s and the communities to improve access to and management of RWASH services. The DCDO will provide other support as described below in the implementation of the Community Development Strategy including the promotion of gender equity.

In carrying out this role, Community Development Officer will also work with:

  • Community Development Advisor and NCDOs and those who are responsible for coordination and monitoring of all activities at the District, Sub-district and suco level.
  • Gender, Social Training & M&E teams
  • Engineering, Sanitation and Environmental Health Advisers
  • BESIK administration and logistic staff.
  • Counterpart staff from the District Water and Sanitation Service (SAS) of the National Directorate for Water Supply and Sanitation Service (DNSAS) of the government of RDTL.
  • Other government and non-government agencies at District level.

2. Key Responsibilities and Duties

  • Support SAS to implement community engagement including CAP and community management training modules at community level, directly and through partners that promotes gender equity & social inclusion;
  • Monitoring of BESIK contractors
  • Assist District Facilitator (DF) to carry out their activities and planning
  • Mentoring to SAS staff on community engagement and management skills.
  • Provide regular field support to Sub-District Facilitators (SDF) and work with the District Facilitator to build a strong network amongst the SDFs.
  • Support SAS to provide ongoing monitoring and support to GMF’s in communities that have access to RWASH;
  • Provide training to appropriate SAS and NGO staff to strengthen GMF follow-up.
  • Work closely with the Social Training team to identify training needs, develop methodologies and delivery trainings.
  • Implement the BESIK Community Development Implementation Strategy
  • Plan, implement and report on BESIK activities in coordination with the National CDOs under the overall supervision of Community Development Advisor.
  • Carry out basic research and data collection as required
  • Provide assistance to the Community Development Advisor on the implementation of RWASH under BESIK.

3. Skills Required/Preferred


  • experience working with social/community development, particularly in the rural water supply and sanitation sector
  • experience in developing and providing training to all levels, from Trainers to the community
  • experience in facilitating community meetings
  • experience in working with stakeholder at District level
  • experience in project management skills
  • demonstrated experience of working effectively with a team of international consultants; and
  • excellent communication skills in a cross-cultural environment.
  • proficiency in Tetun and Bahasa Indonesia


  • proficiency in English and Portuguese;
  • experience working and delivering results in an AusAID-funded project; and
  • experience working in a public administration environment.

Personal Attributes

It is essential that the DCDO can establish effective working relationships with the full range of key stakeholders, including government officials, international staff, and communities. This requires qualities of genuineness of approach and integrity, in order to build mutual respect and trust. The key personal attributes of such a person include:

  • sensitivity to other cultures;
  • demonstrable capacity to work well with others particularly peers in team settings and informal situations;
  • ability to work according to agreed principles and model the desirable behaviours including openness, cooperation, a focus on the wider goals, and able to handle conflict appropriately and constructively;
  • flexibility, responsiveness, discipline and patience;
  • commitment to engaging communities and civil society in processes leading to policy and operational reforms.

Application Process

Interested candidates should send a cover letter, current CV and professional references by email to or delivery by hand at BESIK Office at DNSAS Compound, Caicoli-Dili

Deadline: 15 August 2011

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for interview.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

ustice System Programme Capacity Building Specialist

Capacity Building Specialist

Location :Dili, Timor Leste

Application Deadline :17-Aug-11

Additional Category Democratic Governance

Type of Contract: FTA International

Post Level -4

Languages Required : Portuguese

Starting Date : (date when the selected candidate is expected to start)01-Dec-2011

Duration of Initial Contract :1 year

Expected Duration of Assignment: 2 years



The Justice System Programme (JSP) in Timor-Leste is a comprehensive capacity development initiative for the judiciary, implemented by UNDP under the guidance of the national Council of Coordination (CoC) for the justice sector, consisting of the Chief Justice, Prosecutor-General and Minister of Justice. The JSP provides support to the CoC and respective judiciary institutions, including the Courts, Prosecution, and the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) and its subsidiary institutions (Legal Training Center, Prison Service, Public Defender's Office). The JSP will be implemented between 2009-2013, with financial and in-kind contributions coming from eight donor governments/organizations.

The overall goal of the JSP is to develop the capacity of national justice institutions and actors and promote access to justice.

The JSP is implemented by a Chief Executive Office, headed by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who is supported by a Senior Justice Advisor. The Programme operates five Programme Support Units (PSUs):
* Capacity Development
* Decentralization of Justice
* Access to Justice
* Prosecution Support
* Corrections Support


Under the overall direction of the Executive Board of the Legal Training Centre (LTC) and direct supervision of the UNDP Senior Justice Advisor/Programme Manager and the Deputy Programme Manager, the Capacity Building Specialist (Justice) is a counterpart to the national Director of the LTC and will lead the design and development of training programmes for the specialized courses for judges, prosecutors, public defenders, legal clerks and others conducted at the LTC. The incumbent will be responsible for the implementation of the training programmes and the evaluation of the students, through coordination of the lecturers, observing the rules established by the LTC Executive Board and Pedagogic Council. Furthermore, the Capacity Building Specialist (Justice) will advise and assist the Director of the LTC so as to ensure the strengthening of the LTC in order for it to become fully nationalized.

Duties and Responsibilities

Summary of Key Functions:

The Capacity Building Specialist (Justice) will perform the following functions:
* Advise the Director of the LTC and the Executive and Academic Boards of the LTC.
* Coordinate all training programmes at the LTC, including advisory services to probationary national court actors.
* Design, develop, and consolidate curricula and summaries.
* Strategize the nationalization of the LTC.
* Management of the Justice Capacity Development PSU.

The Capacity Building Specialist (Justice) ensures the provision of quality advice to the Director of LTC and the Executive and Academic Boards of the LTC, focusing on achievement of the following results:
* Advise and support the national Director of the LTC in order to improve quality of directorship.
* Provide legal advice and technical assistance to the national Director in the management of the LTC.
* Advise and assist the Director of the LTC in implementing recommendations following the development of the Justice Sector Strategic Plan.
* Advise on the development of national capacity in the justice sector.
* Advise on issues pertaining to training activities, including drafting of legislation, regulations, legal guidelines and cooperation agreements related to the training of national court actors
* Draft decisions, regulations and other documents to be considered and implemented by the Executive and Academic Boards.
* Advise on the identification and management of risks and constraints.

Ensures the coordination of all training programmes at the LTC, including provision of advice to probationary court actors, focusing on achievement of the following results:
* Coordinate all courses required, including management of lecturers and resources.
* Establish reporting mechanisms for Lecturers in order to be fully aware of training progress and issues that require attention.
* Implement training in a coordinated manner, ensuring that best practice is applied.
* Document lessons learned and use input for continual improvement and development of courses.
* Manage the advisory services provided by international advisors to probationary court actors.
* Identify, establish and implement capacity-building strategies and advising guidelines.
* Assist in advising probationary court actors to assist in the introduction of routines, systems and processes learned during the training.
* Provide advisory services during probationary phase in an efficient, culturally sensible and harmonized manner
* Ensure LTC Boards are fully appraised on the progress of students and needs for further training.

Ensures the design, development and implementation of curricula and summaries, focusing on achievement of the following results:
* Design, develop, and consolidate curricula and summaries for the training programme with the National Director of the LTC and according to the policies set by the Executive and Academic Board.
* Implement comprehensive training programmes, design materials and training plans.
* Adapt training curricula according to the policies set by the Boards.
* Transfer skills and theoretical knowledge to students.
Ensures strategy is developed and implemented for the nationalization of the LTC focusing on achievement of the following results:
* Advise on the development of a strategy aiming at the nationalization of the LTC, which involves scaling down the number of international advisors by 2011 and training local trainers.
* Establish synergies and partnerships with national legal institutions and with the Timor-Leste Faculty of Law for the development and implementation of trainings and seminars.
* Develop Timorese capacity to deliver LTC trainings in order to ensure sustainability of the LTC.

Ensures effective programme management focusing on achievement of the following results:
* Strategic management of the Capacity Development PSU, including the development and implementation of annual work plans.
* Management of all activities under the Capacity Development PSU, including preparation of work plans, budgets, resource allocations, and general oversight and reporting on activities.
* Supervise, provide leadership and strategic guidance to project staff and evaluate staff performance.
* Establish guidelines and reporting standards for monitoring and evaluation of activities, in agreement with Programme Management.
The key results have the following impact:
* Director of LTC able to manage the LTC.
* Improved functioning of the Academic and Executive Boards.
* National court actors able to perform in national courts.
* National ownership of the justice sector and reduced reliance on international advisors.
* Nationalization of the LTC.
* PSU effectively managed.


Corporate Competencies:
* Demonstrates integrity by modeling the UN's values and ethical standards.
* Promotes the vision, mission, and strategic goals of UNDP.
* Displays cultural, gender, religion, race, nationality and age sensitivity and adaptability.
* Treats all people fairly without favoritism.

Functional Competencies:

Operational Effectiveness:
* Strong communication skills - spoken, written and presentational.
* Advisory skills.
* Able to write legal plans, programmes and syllabi.
* Able to write and develop comprehensive training manuals.
* Able to dispense specialized legal training for magistrates and other court actors, to students from a different cultural and academic background who may not be completely fluent in Portuguese.
* Able to lead business processes re-engineering, implementation of new systems (business side), and affect staff behavioral/ attitudinal change.
Management and Leadership
* Able to lead strategic planning and change processes.
* Able to manage development projects from a results-based perspective.
* Able to lead teams effectively, coaching and advising team members, while applying conflict resolution skills when needed.
* Able to deliver high quality reporting.
* Builds strong relationships with clients, focuses on impact and result for the client and responds positively to feedback.
* Leads teams effectively and shows mentoring as well as conflict resolution skills.
Behavioral Competencies:
* Team player with effective interpersonal skills.
* Facilitation skills.
* Energetic, positive and constructive attitude.
* Very good oral and written communication skills.

Required Skills and Experience

* Masters Degree in law or judiciary studies from a civil law country.
* Seven years of experience as a court actor in a civil legal system.
* At least three of these years as a trainer or law teacher with relevant experience at the national or international level in planning, design, and implementing legal training programmes.
* Experience and practical skills of an experienced, senior practitioner.
* Capable and willing to study and adapt to the national legislation.
* Experience in post conflict situations/developing countries.
* Knowledge of international human rights standards and instruments.
Language Requirements:
* Proficiency in Portuguese is required.
* Working knowledge of English and Tetum is highly desirable.
UNDP is committed to achieving workforce diversity in terms of gender, nationality and culture. Individuals from minority groups, indigenous groups and persons with disabilities are equally encouraged to apply. All applications will be treated with the strictest confidence.


Job - Public Information And Outreach Advisor

Public Information And Outreach Advisor

Location :Dili, Timor Leste

Application Deadline :16-Aug-11

Additional CategoryDemocratic Governance

Type of Contract :Individual Contract

Post Level :International Consultant

Languages Required :
English Portuguese

Starting Date : (date when the selected candidate is expected to start)01-Sep-2011

Duration of Initial Contract :4 Months

Expected Duration of Assignment :4 Months



The Justice System Programme (JSP) in Timor-Leste is a comprehensive support initiative for the justice sector, headed by the Council of Coordination (CoC) which comprises of the Chief Justice, Minister of Justice and Prosecutor-General. The Programme aims to strengthen the institutional capacity of the Courts, Prosecution, and the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) and the subsidiary organs (Legal Training Center, Prison Service, Public Defender’s Office) to enable the fair and effective administration of justice for the citizens of Timor-Leste.

The JSP is managed by a Senior Justice Advisor/Programme Manager. It has five Programme Support Units (Capacity Development, Access to Justice, Decentralization, Prosecution Support and Corrections Support). The primary role of the Public Information and Outreach Advisor will be to support the Justice System Programme in the area of Access to Justice; and to support the Ministry of Justice’s National Directorate for Human Rights and Citizenship (DNDHC).

The Advisor will report to the JSP Access to Justice Policy Specialist and to the national counterpart, the Director of the DNDHC in the MoJ.

Duties and Responsibilities

In support of the JSP:
  • Work with community radio stations in relevant districts (primarily Baucau, Suai and Oé-cusse) to provide citizen information on accessing the justice sector.
  • Design, produce and distribute a quarterly newsletter on JSP programme activities.
  • Produce and distribute press releases related to JSP activities.
  • Develop promotional materials in support of access to justice – brochures, posters, stickers and other public information materials
  • Update the JSP website, with news stories and background information, relevant public documents and information on ongoing activities and events.
  • Input into the production of key advocacy materials for the UNDP Country Office, including the JOC, Briefing Kits, etc.
  • As required, organize events, launches and press conferences.

In support of the national counterpart, the DNDHC Director:
  • Assist in the production of communication products for public outreach, including brochures, posters, stickers and other materials; and in the production of the MoJ magazine, which DNDHC produce.
  • Assist with the MoJ’s sub-district public outreach program including:
  • donor liaison and support
  • assisting the DNDHC’s head of media to produce and prepare public outreach materials for these sessions
  • assisting the DNDHC’s head of media to coordinate media coverage of these visits.

    • High quality communication products for access to justice and for the DNDHC
    • Community radio programs on the justice sector broadcast in jurisdictions of Suai, Oé-cusse and Baucau
    • Improved skill and capacity within DNDHC regarding public outreach materials


    • Able to produce high quality communication products.
    • Good knowledge and understanding of the judiciary sector in a civil-law country.
    • Strong drafting and editing skills.
    • Able to plan, organize and coordinate production of printed and electronic media.
    • Able to work with national counterparts for capacity building and with heads of national justice institutions for liaison.
    • Solid written and spoken skills required in English.
    • Language skills in Portuguese and/or Tetum is required.
    • Strong skills in the use of computers for word processing, spreadsheets, database and common
    • business Internet usage.
    • Knowledge of web/desktop publishing.
    • Strong cultural sensitivity and ability to work in multi-cultural environments.
    • Able to communicate effectively with government officials.
    • Excellent interpersonal skills to establish and maintain effective working relations with sensitivity and respect for cultural diversity.

    Required Skills and Experience

    • Undergraduate degree in Journalism, Communications, Public Relations or Social Sciences.
    • Advanced degree or Master highly regarded.
    • Five years of relevant international experience in journalism, communications, media, public relations.
    • Experience in providing capacity building for government officials.

    • Willingness and ability to travel to the districts of Timor-Leste.

    UNDP is committed to achieving workforce diversity in terms of gender, nationality and culture. Individuals from minority groups, indigenous groups and persons with disabilities are equally encouraged to apply. All applications will be treated with the strictest confidence.

ACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT Plan Timor-Leste Various Positions

Application deadline: 11-Aug-11

Position Level: B

Languages required: English & Tetun

Plan is an international NGO that works in over 45 countries to achieve lasting improvements in the quality of life of children, young people and families. We have been working in Timor-Leste since 2001.

  1. Translator

Location: Plan Timor-Leste Country Office in Dili with travel to districts if required

Reporting to the Sponsorship Manager, the Translator will be responsible for translating all child sponsorship documents from children to sponsors and vice versa, maintain and archive all child sponsorship documents, providing translations for the media and communications department and other work as required by immediate supervisor.

The position will be based in Dili at but will require some visits to the districts if necessary.

The successful candidate will have:

· At least 2 years experience in translation from English to other languages and from Tetun to English

· University degree in English Literature/Language desirable

· Fluency in both English and Tetun

  1. Sponsorship Systems Operator (SSO)

Location: Plan Timor-Leste Country Office in Dili

Reporting to the Sponsorship Manager (and working with both Country Office and field-based staff), the Sponsorship Systems Operators will be responsible for entering and maintaining sponsorship communications and caseload data in Plan’s corporate sponsorship systems, managing sponsorship communication services, and responding to inquiries from sponsors.

The successful candidates will have:

  • At least 2 years experience in data entry
  • The ability to communicate professionally in a manner that inspires confidence
  • A commitment to customer service
  • The ability to work independently to meet tight deadlines and ensure accuracy in data entry
  • Very good writing and communication skills, including at least intermediate English
  • University degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering is highly desirable

These are long-term appointment and salary and benefits will be highly competitive for the right candidate.

Copies of the job description can be obtained via email from or from Plan TimorLeste, Rua Pantai Kelapa, Dili, Timor-Leste. Applications need to be in writing with a covering letter and a current CV. Application may be submitted by email or by hand, not later than 11 August 2011. Any questions can be directed to the above email address or phone (+670) 331 2492.

These positions are open to residents of Timor-Leste. Plan is committed to gender equity, and suitably qualified female candidates are especially encouraged to apply. Only short listed applicants will be contacted for interview.

The successful applicant will be expected to comply with Plan’s Child Protection policy, “Say Yes to Keeping Children Safe.”


Teri Mendonça

People and Culture Coordinator

Plan Timor-Leste

Rua Pantai Kelapa | PO Box 402 | Dili, Timor-Leste

Office +670 331 2492 | Mobile + 670 725 9093| Skype tigi.teri

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The information contained in this message and any attachments is intended solely for the use of the person(s) to whom the message is addressed. The information may be confidential and, if you are not the intended recipient, you must not copy, distribute or take any action in relation to it.

For the content of this e-mail to be contractually binding, it must be signed by an authorised representative of Plan.

Plan Limited

A Limited Company Registered in England No. 03001663.

Registered Office: Chobham Hse, Christchurch Way, Woking, Surrey, GU21 6JG

Plan Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Plan International, Inc.

(a not-for-profit corporation registered in New York State, USA)

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Job - IT- Specialist

GIZ is the executing development organization of the German Government implementing programs in the field of international cooperation for sustainable development.

GIZ operates in many fields, economic development and employment promotion; governance and democracy; security, reconstruction, peacebuilding and civil conflict transformation; food security, health and basic education; and environmental protection, resource conservation and climate change mitigation.

GIZ supports Timorese Governmental Organizations and Civil Society since the year 2000 in several projects in cooperation with a range of different actors.

The GIZ Joint Project Administration Office in Dili is looking for an:

IT- Specialist (all-rounder) (m/f)
Your Tasks:

„h Management of the IT System

„h Maintenance of Laptops, PCs, Printer within a Client/Server Network environment

„h Administration of Mail server, Database, Firewall and Server

„h Administration and Supervision of the passive and active Components of the LAN- and WAN area

„h Management and the keeping of the inventory of the hardware and software components used within GIZ office

„h Assistance within the procurement of IT or technical components

„h Installation and distribution of software and supervision of the anti-virus protection

„h Backup- and Recovery Processes

„h Coordination of external services in the field of IT and network support

„h Internal helpdesk and training of software application upon request

„h Maintenance of internet security according to GIZ guidelines

Your Profile:

„h Professional background in the IT field with special knowledge as PC Supporter

„h Very good knowledge in Window System (Client and Server)

„h Good knowledge in Network Solutions

„h Experience in the Administration of Active Directory, MS Exchange

„h Knowledge of Databank Systems would be an asset

„h Good English knowledge

„h Analytic way of thinking and ability to work independent

Duty Station is Dili with travels to the GIZ District offices. Applications of qualified female applicants are encouraged. Applications to be send to: : Joint Project Administration, GIZ Timor-Leste, Rua Bairo dos Grilhos no. 15, Dili or email no later than 16th August 2011.


Support ETAN in 2011. Make a contribution here
Thank you for your support.

John M. Miller, National Coordinator
East Timor & Indonesia Action Network (ETAN)
PO Box 21873, Brooklyn, NY 11202-1873 USA
Phone: +1-718-596-7668 Mobile phone: +1-917-690-4391
Email: Skype: john.m.miller


Capacity Development Manager

Attractive International NGO salary and benefits package.

WaterAid is an international NGO dedicated to the provision of safe domestic water, sanitation and hygiene education to the world’s poorest people. We are committed to ensuring the world’s poorest communities enjoy their right to access to water and sanitation. We are passionate about delivering our aims and objectives, and pride ourselves on being a diverse, dynamic and supportive workplace.

An exciting opportunity exists for a Capacity Development Manager to work with WaterAid in Timor Leste. We need a dynamic person to stregthen the capacity of our staff and partners. To excel in this role you must have an impressive track record in mentoring and capacity development, extensive experience of program management, and hold a professional qualification in a relevant academic area.

We are committed to welcoming people from the widest possible diversity of backgrounds, culture and experience. Women are strongly encouraged to apply.

Applications close on 21 August, 2011 and to be accepted must include:

· a covering letter addressing the Person Specification Criteria outlined in the Position Description

· a current Resume, including the contact details for 3 referees (referees will not be contacted without prior consent)

For more information please visit

Applications should be forwarded to:

Attention: Flaviano Sombai


Mail; PO Box 316, Dili, Timor Leste

+670 332 2945

Further enquiries to:

Dinesh Bajracharya, Country Representative, WaterAid in Timor Leste


Phone +670 728 7975

Closing date: 21 August, 2011
1st interviews: 29 August, 2011

Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

WaterAid is a child safe organisation. Appointment is subject to a satisfactory criminal record check from the successful applicant’s country of residence.

Job Description

Job Title:

Capacity Development Manager

Place of Work:

Dili, Timor - Leste


Full time

Reports to:

Country Representative in Timor Leste

The position involves supporting capacity development of WaterAid staff and partners, with a particular emphasis on advocacy. The position supports WaterAid's strategic objective of supporting national staff to transition to senior positions within the organisation.

Key accountabilities

Capacity Building

Develop a capacity needs analysis of individual staff and partner NGOs.

  • Design manage, implement and evaluate a structured capacity development plan tailored for the needs of staff and partners in following areas
  • Support the development and implementation of partner organization policies and procedures for NGO partners.
  • financial management and budgeting skills;
  • planning, monitoring, evaluation and reporting skills for program team

In addition to working with the advocacy team on the areas covered above:

  • Lead the development and implementation of the country advocacy work stream
  • Document and share best practices
  • Ongoing country contextual analysis in order to inform advocacy strategies


  • Facilitate collective reflection; learning and planning events with staff and with partners.
  • Coordinate the development of structured, contextualised learning opportunities and facilitate their implementation.


  • Represent WaterAid at external meetings with government and development partners.

Person Specification

The following criteria will be used to assess candidates for the post. All applicants must address these criteria in their application:

Education: Degree or professional qualification in a relevant area



· Experience in mentoring and building the capacity of colleagues and organisations

· Project management experience including financial management.

· Experience of producing publications, from writing to managing production process.

· Experience in research and analysis


· Experience of implementing projects through NGO partners or local government partners.

· Experience in management of community-based water supply, sanitation and hygiene promotion projects in a developing country context

· Experience of working in a Timor-Leste or a South East Asian country

Knowledge and skills


· Ability to plan own work, set priorities and complete tasks if under pressure or when faced with competing demands.

· Ability to use computers both word processing and spreadsheets

· Ability to drive and hold a current drivers licence.

· Ability to develop and manage budgets.

· Ability to communicate clearly both when speaking and writing in English

· Commitment to learning the local language .


· Ability to develop innovative approaches to development problems.

Personal qualities


· Commitment to work in a team and be supportive to other team members through transfering ideas and skills.

· A patient and supporting attitude.

· A commitment to WaterAid’s approach and values.

· A strong commitment to pro-poor development work, and gender equality.

· A strong commitment to creating an inclusive culture and addressing discriminatory attitudes and behaviours

· Commitment to learn from others and appreciation of others strength.

· Commitment to local values, culture and life style.

Abbrevated terms and conditions

Salary and allowances Attractive INGO taxable Salary and Benefits

Location Based in Dili and will require regular travel to rural communitites

Contract Period The post is offered on a 3 year contract (extendable by mutual agreement)

Probation The appointment is subject to the satisfactory completion of a six months probationary period.


Dinesh Bajracharya

Country Representative

WaterAid in Timor-Leste